Yearly Archives: 2005

I ♥ Jimmy Carter

I think I’m in love with Jimmy Carter. I’ve started reading his most recent book, Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis, and I’m totally taken with how improbable he is. Southern-raised, farmer, born-again evangelical Christian, yet he’s a liberal Democrat and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. I yearn for a president like that.

Flickring the news

I don’t get the newspaper, and I don’t watch TV news programs; instead, I get almost all of my news via the Internet and NPR. The problem with this is that I don’t often get a chance to see what places or people in the news look like. For me, Flickr is a great way [...]

Reading 2005

Late last year, I finally started requesting inter-library book loans regularly. As I started reading more (because it was now simple and free), my list actually got longer, so I started writing it down. One unexpected advantage to this is that I can go back and look at the books I’ve enjoyed (or not) over [...]

The Dilbert Blog on Intelligent Design

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has a blog that I was pointed to by a cow-orker a couple weeks ago. Half-surprisingly, he’s very well written, funny, and intelligent; so it makes a pretty good read. And he posts quite regularly. The other day, he posted about the Evolution versus Intelligent Design debate. He didn’t debate the [...]

M’s Interviews

Although there’s a chance that she may get a couple more in the next week or two, it’s very likely that M’s received all the requests for interviews that she can expect. The following are the interviews she’s scheduled, in chronological order: University of Connecticut in Farmington, CT (two separate interviews for two different programs) [...]