USB cable nastiness

I am in need of a product that I am virtually sure exists.  I can’t, for the life of me, seem to find a place that sells this product — although I suspect that’s just a difficulty with putting my thoughts into search terms.  I also am even having a difficulty envisioning what it might look like.  So I ask for your help.  I need some way to easily keep all of my different USB cables (iPod, Palm, phone, camera, video camera, et al) as easily accessible and not-ugly as possible.  Requirements:

  • A hub, or at least some way to not have to reach around my tower to get the right cable plugged in.  I only have six USB ports, and including my keyboard, mouse, and printer, I have far more devices, so there currently ends up being a lot of juggling.
  • Some sort of cable hiding solution.  Cable ugliness is the number one cause of premature death, followed closely by the goddamn Nihilanth.
  • The cables should be easy to remove, so that I don’t have to spend fifteen minutes pulling one out just to bring it to a friend’s house.

Just a simple USB hub that I can plug things into solves the biggest part of the problem: the pain of juggling.  But I still have to keep the cables neatly tucked away in a little bin next to the desk.  Is there a better solution that I’m missing?  I can’t be the only person with this problem.

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  1. Plutor wrote::

    After spending a little more time searching, Jack and I came across Cord-It, which are great and cheap. With a half-dozen of those, a USB hub, and some velcro, I could mount everything out of sight on the back of my monitor. It’d end up running me almost $50 total, but it’d be worth it.  Is there anything better out there, though?  This solves the problem, but it’s hacky and a little inelegant.

    Monday, October 2, 2006 at 14:20 #
  2. GeoffDaddy wrote::

    Does this meet any of your requirements? Or maybe some retractable cords?

    Monday, October 2, 2006 at 15:00 #
  3. Naomi wrote::

    I have a magazine with an article about this:

    XL Cable Organizer $15.00
    Oxo Good Grips Cord and Cable Clips $6.00
    Horizontal Cord Manager $29.00
    Cable Zipper $15.00 for 8 feet
    Wire Snake $10.00 for 2
    Case Logic Cable Ties $5.00 for 6
    Amco High Speed Retractable Internet Cable $13.00
    Cableyoyo $6

    Tuesday, October 3, 2006 at 00:07 #