FeedWordPress Collapse Filter

There’s a serious dearth of FeedWordPress filter plugins out there. I aim to rectify the situation. FeedWordPress Collapse Filter will collapse multiple posts being imported from a single feed into a single post. I use it here on Plutor.org to keep Flickr photos (which I frequently upload by the handfuls) from overwhelming everything else. Each syndicated feed can be separately configured to collapse (or not) with a different time threshold.

Download FeedWordPress Collapse Filter 1.0

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  1. dave wrote::

    unzipped file, looked at FeedWordPress Collapse Filter, the last 2 lines seem incomplete?? this is what I have:
    add_action(‘feedwordpress_check_feed’, ‘fwpc_check_feed’);

    what is the second add_action( supposed to be?
    and how to install?? where to place, what options?

    Monday, February 11, 2008 at 00:44 #