Yearly Archives: 2008

Will my new desktop be an HTPC?

It’s been several years since microATX motherboards became commonplace, kicking the Home Theater PC movement into high gear. While researching hardware to build a new desktop computer, I ran into an interesting question: Can it be an HTPC? The “HT” part of the quotient would require it to be able to connect to my television, [...]

Lessons learned from Film Addict

It’s been a week since I posted Film Addict. It got posted to, Slashfilm,, and became a Twitter and Facebook meme on some level. At this point, it has received 100,000 pageviews, and it was filled out 37,000 times (peaking at a rate of over 1000 per hour, but at this point still [...]

Film Addict

A couple friends of mine posted one of those lame Facebook chain note things today. It was a list of a couple hundred movies, mostly 18-25-year-old targeted franchises from the past decade or so (think Scream, Saw, American Pie, etc) with some others (mostly very popular) thrown in. “Copy this list to your profile and [...]

M’s Fellowship

Remember four years ago, when M had to make a huge list of hospitals where she wanted to do her residency? And then she had to interview at a bunch of them? And then throw her name on a pile that got fed into a giant algorithm? Well, we’re she’s doing it again. There are [...]

Massachusetts Politician Watch

Massachusetts has two Senators who have been on the job for decades, and a newcomer Governor. It’s possible that all three won’t be on the job in 2010: Governor Deval Patrick, former Assistant Attorney General under Bill Clinton, has said he won’t accept any position in DC, but that hasn’t kept his name from showing [...]