Yearly Archives: 2011

Watching every MLB team play a game

Last April, to no one in particular, I asked the following question: “What’s the shortest possible trip (in miles) to see every MLB team play at least one game this season?” It became clear, after a brief discussion with some friends, that the shortest possible trip is somewhere on the order of a hundred miles. [...]

NFL records – 2011 first two weeks

The following records have been set in the first two weeks of the 2011 NFL season: Most total yards passing in a game by both teams – Brady and Henne, week 1 (906) Most yards passing by a rookie – Newton tied it week 1 (422) and then broke it week 2 (432) Most yards [...]

Expected ERA

Imagine two hypothetical pitchers. Their ERAs are very close together and both pretty average: 3.40 and 3.41. They’ve both pitched just over 200 innings in 30 starts with just a couple weeks of the season remaining. But one pitcher has had some pretty advantageous matchups: he’s played the Padres four times, the Reds and Rockies [...]

Mass Brewers Fest

The following is a full list of all of the beers I tried at the second annual Mass Brewers Fest last night: 6:20 PM – Blue Hills Black Hops – ★★★★ 6:24 PM – Cape Cod Beach Blonde – ★★★ 6:29 PM – Haverhill Leatherlips – ★★★★ 6:42 PM – Watch City Monkey Monk – [...]

These people are not me

The following people are not me: This Mormon on a mission in Stockholm This crane operator in Glasgow This blonde high school senior from West Virginia This cemetery in Gray County, KS This tennis player from Rogers, MN