Yearly Archives: 2012

Where should I put my Internets?

For the past six months or so, I’ve been wrestling with where to put all of my Internet content. I create various things from time to time, and I like them being available and visible (and in many cases, open for modification and redistribution, a la MIT license or Creative Commons). But I’m at the [...]

A bunch of sort algorithms

Whenever I’m trying to get back into the swing of building and optimizing and evaluating algorithms, my first step is always to write a whole bunch of sorting implementations. I’m also trying to improve my knowledge of the core syntax of python. So here are four sorts in python: insertion, merge, heap, and quick. (The [...]

Expected no-hitters

When Matt Cain threw a Perfect Game for the San Francisco Giants on Thursday, he became the fifth pitcher in the last four years to do so (no, Galarraga’s game doesn’t count). Perfect Games are also No-Hitters, and there have been a startling 22 no-hitters in the past six seasons (here I am including Halladay’s [...]

Excerpts from my Kindergarten report card

The Cottage School, Boulder, CO. Spring 1986 “He sometimes has problems controlling his energy, yet is able to listen and follow directions well.” “Logan enjoys reading our Public Library books.” “Logan gets excited about doing art projects but seems to steer away from this area during free choice.” “He often tires about 11:30, feels puny [...]

Planetary orbital foci

Planetary orbits are not perfectly circular; in fact, they are ellipses. An ellipse is a mathematical shape approximately equivalent to what is typically called an oval. An ellipse, though, meets some very specific criteria. One is that, unlike a circle, it has two foci instead of a single center. Where a circle is defined as [...]