Yearly Archives: 2015

Happy 2016

The number 2016 is 11111100000 in binary. Years whose binary representations are just 1s followed by 0s have been rare for a thousand years, but we’re going to get more and more in the next few decades: 2016 11111100000 2032 11111110000 2040 11111111000 2044 11111111100 2046 11111111110 2047 11111111111 2048 100000000000 And then no more [...]

Records that The Force Awakens has set

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a pretty big opening weekend. It broke the records for domestic opening weekend ($247.9M, over Jurassic World‘s 208.8M) and worldwide ($529M, also breaking Jurassic World‘s 524.9M). But that’s not all. Largest Thursday “preview” day Largest Friday, largest opening day, largest single day (Not the largest Saturday, it was 3rd, [...]

The National Anthem retold simply

Our Sign With Stars On It It’s morning now. That thing we saw last evening — can you see it? It was on the other side of that wall. We could see its colors even though there was a fight happening. In fact, the fighting gave off light that let us see it all night! [...]

A week’s worth of paternity leave

Stats from a week’s worth of paternity leave with a 3.5 month old: Naps: 22 (average 4.4 per day, median length: 46 mins) Bottles: 20 (average 4 per day, median volume: 3.25 oz) Diapers: 32 (average 6.4 per day) Smiles: 1040 (approximate)