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Nexus One in 2017

I’ve been using my old Nexus One (running Android 2.3) for the past week, while a replacement Nexus 5X has been in transit. Observations: I forgot how bad the screen was. Basically invisible in bright sunlight, even at full brightness and shaded. How do I communicate? Talk is dying, Allo and Hangouts aren’t supported. Using [...]

First Seven Languages

My #FirstSevenLanguages: BASIC – I remember programming BASIC on my parents’ IBM PC around the age of 6. For a long time it was mostly copying simple code from books and writing tight for loops. Eventually I progressed to QBASIC and some simple graphics stuff. C – My dad taught me C when I was [...]

Upgrading a 8-year-old TV

In 2008, when my parents sold the house I grew up in and started cruising the world in an RV, they gave me their flatscreen television for safe keeping. The expectation was that they’d do the On The Road thing for a couple of years and then take it back when they settled down. They’re [...]

Red Sox 2016 preview

Ever since my parents have been living within spitting distance of Fort Myers, I’ve sent them a quick list of Red Sox storylines going into Spring Training. Seeing as pitchers and catchers report today, I figured today would be a good day to do it. 2016 is going to be an important year for the [...]

Happy 2016

The number 2016 is 11111100000 in binary. Years whose binary representations are just 1s followed by 0s have been rare for a thousand years, but we’re going to get more and more in the next few decades: 2016 11111100000 2032 11111110000 2040 11111111000 2044 11111111100 2046 11111111110 2047 11111111111 2048 100000000000 And then no more [...]