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New desktop, try 2

After doing yet more research on benchmarks and prices, I’ve backed away from my revolutionary stance on Intel processors. The Athlon 64 X2 represents a fair approximation, and the CPU and motherboard combo I’ve chosen will save me about $150 off of the Intel alternative. Here’s what I’m ordering tonight: Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA780G-UD3H (780G chipset, [...]

The earliest news events I remember

The first five news events I actually remember (and my corresponding ages) were: 1986-01-28: Challenger explosion (6 years, 1 month) 1986-02-09: Halley’s Comet passes Earth (6 years, 2 months) 1986-10-27: Mets win the World Series (6 years, 10 months) 1987-10-19: Stock market crash on Black Monday (7 years, 10 months) 1988-11-08: Bush defeats Dukakis (8 [...]

New desktop specs

I’ve got my new desktop birthday gift essentially planned at this point. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Tom’s Hardware and Ars Technica, and both of them are pointing at Intel for solid mid-range desktops nowadays. There’s some disagreement over whether the Core i7 (Quad-core on one die! Triple-channel DDR3!) is worth the [...]

Passwords in email

Dear web sites: Please do not send me my password in plain-text in an email. My email is not necessarily secure. The protocols by which email is sent through the Internet are unencrypted. When you send me an email with my password in it, I delete it immediately. phpBB does it. So does Geni. Movember [...]

2008 Oscars Scoresheet

It’s that time of year again: Oscar nominations! The 81st Academy Awards nominees were announced today, and here’s my scoresheet: Category # seen Best Picture 1 2 Best Actor 0 1 Best Actress 0 Best Director 1 2 Best Screenplay 1 Best Adapted Screenplay 1 2 Another banner year here at for seeing movies [...]