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Your DNA is Art

There’s a company called DNA11 that makes up big, nice looking, (expensive) pieces of art based on your own genome. I was perusing MetaFilter last week when I came across a question about finding a place that would do the same procedure, cheap, and just give a digital scan or a standard print that could [...]

The Gates in the park

Christo’s newest “masterpiece” has started being assembled in Central Park. (The first photo in that article strikes me as Goldsworthy-esque, yet artificial.) Chris, we’re depending on you to get us some better photos. Update 1-5: Oh, I get it. The first picture isn’t the artwork, it’s just piles of metal platforms the over-the-top arches are [...]

Gnome icon creation, high speed

Check out this video of the guy who created most of the Gnome icons creating a new one. The high-speed version is great and only a minute long. Somehow, his style (at least the style of this icon) reminds of Chris’ drawing.

Photo mosaics howto

How to make your own photo mosaics, courtesy of Engadget.

Improv Everywhere

Improv is only one step removed from theater dorks in my book (not a judgement, just a fact). But this story made my day: Improv Everywhere at Virgin Megastore. Via cockeyed.