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The cost of mass transit

Boston has been considering linking the two halves of its weird bus/subway hybrid Silver Line for a while now. The so-called Phase III project has gone through several designs and redesigns, one of which called for a 0.6-mile long tunnel for a cost of $780 million ($1.3B per mile). More recent proposals were saner and [...]

Dear Plutor of the future

Dear Plutor of the future: I know that the crumbling economy, skyrocketing gas prices, and warming climate trend has likely made the world of 2008 a bleak Mad Maxian landscape. If the grocery stores are even open anymore, the selection is likely poor — jicama and tomatillos being among the very few surviving produce. But [...]

Toxic waste garden

Memorial Day weekend is a somewhat-traditional planting weekend in the Northeast. This spring, even USDA hardiness zone 6a[1] has been experiencing some quite balmy temperature, so we’ve actually had our sprouts outside for almost all of May. But this weekend, we couldn’t buck tradition, and we went ahead and planted the majority of them, and [...]

Music coming to Boston

Ever since we took a trip to see OK Go in Providence earlier this month, I’ve realized how much I miss going to shows. They really put on a great concert. They did an acoustic couple of songs in the center of the crowd, and a couple of excellent covers, too. (And Providence is really [...]

Trivia in the Boston Area

We’re trying to find a new location for trivia night that’s a little more central than the current destination in way-north Somerville. So I whipped together my very first Google Maps mashup. It includes all of the Stump trivia locations as well as the T subway lines and stops.