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Assuming Perfection

In honor of the halfway point of NaNoWriMo, I’m officially letting it go this year. I only made it about 2500 words in before getting wrapped up in, whaddyacallit, you know, life. I’m glad I gave it a brief whirl, but I hope to give it a better thrashing in 2007. Here’s the dull introduction to my half-plotted story, “Assuming Perfection”:

The best way to know Roland was to see his lawn edger: it shined like the day it was made. It sat in his garage, next to the labeled green plastic bins of lime and fetilizer, and just under the three snow shovels. Standing in his garage, in fact, gave the impression that you weren’t in a place that was used so much as stocked. Looking closely, the pattern of slight wear on the handles if the edger was fairly visible. But had the blade ever really touched soil? It’d be impossible to be sure.