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Kick-ass gazpacho

What follows is my recipe for delicious summer gazpacho. In my opinion, it’s the bread and the oil and the wider variety of veggies than usually found that does the trick. Also, the lack of cilantro prevents potential seasoning woes. 2 large (28 oz) cans of whole tomatoes 1 large cucumber 1 green pepper 1 [...]

Uncle Wes’s waffles

In case you’re wondering whether my propensity to being pleased by the appearance of puzzles and mathematics in everyday life is learned or genetic, I present you with the following story from my Uncle Wes: I was mixing up a batch of waffles when I made a mistake. I thought the recipe was 1 cup [...]

Low-carb diets

Low-carbohydrate diets predate Robert Atkins’ eponymous phenomenon by more than one hundred years. The theory behind the diets goes like this: Food contains starches, which your body very quickly converts to glucose. When glucose levels spike right after a meal, in order to prevent blood sugar levels from getting too high, you convert them into [...]

Dear Plutor of the future

Dear Plutor of the future: I know that the crumbling economy, skyrocketing gas prices, and warming climate trend has likely made the world of 2008 a bleak Mad Maxian landscape. If the grocery stores are even open anymore, the selection is likely poor — jicama and tomatillos being among the very few surviving produce. But [...]

202 Summer Recipes

Last week, New York Times published a list of 101 summer meals.[1] Some are lame (#1, for instance) and some use meat (#3, 9, 10, et al). But there are a lot of simple and fast meal ideas there. Urban Vegan took the list, removed all the meat and dairy recipes, added her own, and [...]