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Half-Life 2: Episode One

This is a really strange development that requires some pondering and discussion. An expansion for Half-Life 2 has been in development for a while (previously named Aftermath). Reportedly, it follows Alyx (and, some reports say, Gordon) escaping from the devastation immediately following the end of Half-Life 2. But last week, things got weird. Valve renamed [...]

Garry’s Mod v6

Nomad will be happy about the big new feature in these preview screenshots of Garry’s mod v6. Garry says: “Should have it by the end of next weekend..” Also, this video made me laugh for exactly 1 minute and 25 seconds. Update: Actually, according to this thread, Garry’s hard drive is AWOL and there may [...]

Garry’s mod update

There’s a Garry’s mod update, including “uncomplete (sic) and unsupported” multiplayer.

HL2: Ravenholm Done Quick

Half-Life 2. Ravenholm. Hard difficulty. Done in 2:28 [WMV, 44MB]. Amazing. Those gravity gun jumps are great. This is just a small portion of the larger HL2 Done Quick project.

HL2 Story

One of the things that’s a little upsetting about the Half-Life story is that you’re pretty much in the dark about what’s been going on between the two games. And even if you knew that, you’d be missing the big picture story. What’s the G-Man’s motivation? Who the hell is he, anyhow? What’s the relationship [...]