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3par service

Our new 3par storage mega-arrays at work are something else. They have some amazing hands-off features, and are extremely fast, but they also call home. They send the manufacturers statistics and apparently also our configuration information. It’s a little disconcerting, but it does have one interesting advantage. Occasionally, they notice something is wrong before our [...]

Sun Rays

My boss at work just told me we’re going to be getting ten old Sun Rays that he found on eBay for something like $20 apiece. We’re going to put a Sunfire v20z behind them, probably running Xen. That’s a dual-Opteron beasty with 8GB of RAM. They’re fast, and they’ll be about a kajillion times [...]

Dissecting the iPod shuffle

Dissecting the iPod shuffle

Macworld Expo rumors

Macworld Expo starts tomorrow, and here’s a good rundown of all the rumors. It’s been difficult to see the wisdom of some of Apple’s decisions lately (although, like Jack Bauer, they were eventually shown to be right). But just about everyone sees immediately that both the flash iPod and the headless iMac are ridiculously good [...]

Why Blu-Ray has already won

Blu-Ray? HD DVD? Confused by the tech? Unsure why you should even care yet? Gizmodo presents a good overview called Blu-Ray Has Already Won.