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The earliest news events I remember

The first five news events I actually remember (and my corresponding ages) were: 1986-01-28: Challenger explosion (6 years, 1 month) 1986-02-09: Halley’s Comet passes Earth (6 years, 2 months) 1986-10-27: Mets win the World Series (6 years, 10 months) 1987-10-19: Stock market crash on Black Monday (7 years, 10 months) 1988-11-08: Bush defeats Dukakis (8 [...]

NYTimes archives free

As of midnight last night, the New York Times has made anything in their archives newer than 1987 available for free. Even more interestingly, everything in the public domain (1851-1922) is also available for free, although it looks like they’re mostly just in PDF format. How can they do this? They expect to make more [...]