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Medical jargon II

More medical jargon you didn’t realize you needed to know: emesis – vomiting pandiculation – yawning and stretching singultus – hiccups rhinorrhea – runny nose borborygmus – stomach growling eructation – burping sternutation – sneezing epistaxis – nosebleed horripilation – goosebumps (Previously)

I Don’t Get It

Would I be embarrassing myself if I admitted I didn’t get the notorious xkcd make me a sandwich comic? (Now being made into a t-shirt, due to its popularity.) As I read it, there are a number of possible explanations for the punchline, but the ambiguity is (I think) what’s contributing to my lack-of-getting-it. The [...]

Mil Millington

Way back in August 2004, I posted about Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About, an amusing list of petty arguments. As you read the tome, it becomes less of a bullet list and more of a pithy British comedy. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see that Mil Millington, the author, turned [...]

Free (as in water)

I’m at Red Hat training this week in Westford, MA. The water bottles here have the logo on them, along with the following in tiny print: “Free (as in water)”. Geek humor at its best. (Read about Gratis versus Libre for an explanation of the joke.)


My wife just sent me an email with a file called “ANUS.doc” attached. It wasn’t quite as hilarious as I was expecting: The dentate line- location of anal crypts and draining of glands Superiorly visceral afferents, therefore non-painful; columnar epithelium Inferiorly somatic afferents, therefore painful; stratified squamous epithelium Doctors have to talk about funny things [...]