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What would you do?

Quick hypothetical: You’re at the library, and you pull a copy of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell from the shelf. Before bringing it to the front desk to check out, you flip through the pages, and an envelope falls out. You pick it up, and it’s stamped and sealed and addressed to a P.O. [...]

Biggest gift under 20 dollars

Gedanken game time: What is the largest (in volume) gift you could buy or make for under $20? Some ground rules: You can’t get anything for free. i.e. “ask family and friends for all of their packing peanuts.” On the other hand, anything you can make or do yourself is okay. Inflating balloons with your [...]

USB cable nastiness

I am in need of a product that I am virtually sure exists.  I can’t, for the life of me, seem to find a place that sells this product — although I suspect that’s just a difficulty with putting my thoughts into search terms.  I also am even having a difficulty envisioning what it might [...]

Could Wii Sports be bundled with the Wii?

It’s been a very long time since a Nintendo console was launched with a bundled game. The last one was, believe it or not, the Super Nintendo (bundled with the pinnacle of platformers: Super Mario World) in 1991. Wii Fanboy has a great feature about “Wii Sports”, a collection of little games that was the [...]

Make Mag link dump

Since I switched from Bloglines to a local install of reBlog (see the Lifehacker post by Mathowie), I’ve been using it to save links to stuff that I find interesting, but don’t feel are quite important enough to post as individual things here. So I’ll probably start doing something like what Khatt’s been doing: occasional [...]