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Make Mag link dump

Since I switched from Bloglines to a local install of reBlog (see the Lifehacker post by Mathowie), I’ve been using it to save links to stuff that I find interesting, but don’t feel are quite important enough to post as individual things here. So I’ll probably start doing something like what Khatt’s been doing: occasional [...]

EXIF tools

Almost all digital cameras (with the notable exception of all but the newest camera phones) support a JPG comment format called Exchangable Image File Format (EXIF). When you take a photo, a lot of nice details about shutter speed and aperture are saved along with the image (and a lot of confusing and technical data, [...]

Bibliomation Global

It’s a little-known fact that with a library card in the state of Connecticut, you can take out books from any public library in the state. You also don’t even need to go to a library other than your local one to do it, and even then you don’t have to go until your book [...]

links for 2005-01-31

FM radio station search I thought it’d be neat to make a radio station search engine. It turns out the FCC’s is already pretty feature rich. (categories: fm radio search)

links for 2005-01-29

Pokemon Protein Implicated in Cancer Development Researcher names a protein after a popular children’s video game. Hilarious! (categories: cancer pokemon via:waxy.org/links)