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Records that The Force Awakens has set

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a pretty big opening weekend. It broke the records for domestic opening weekend ($247.9M, over Jurassic World‘s 208.8M) and worldwide ($529M, also breaking Jurassic World‘s 524.9M). But that’s not all. Largest Thursday “preview” day Largest Friday, largest opening day, largest single day (Not the largest Saturday, it was 3rd, [...]

2010 Oscars scoresheet

It’s Academy Award nomination season again — the time of year I reveal how few new movies I watch. Let’s just hope I have improved on last year’s dismal record. Category # seen Best Picture 1 Best Actor 0 Best Actress 0 Best Director 0 Best Screenplay 1 Best Adapted Screenplay 0 Thank goodness for [...]

2009 Oscars Scoresheet

The Academy doubled the number of slots for Best Picture nominees (to ten!) but it hasn’t really helped my Oscar scoresheet. Just like past years, I’ll go over the nominees and admit exactly how many movies I haven’t seen this year. Category # seen Best Picture 0 Best Actor 0 Best Actress 0 Best Director [...]

Guy movie month

My wife is going to be halfway across the world for essentially all of the month of October. I have a couple of projects that are going to occupy much of my time, but I’m also planning on catching up on a backlog of action movies. I’m looking for suggestions of good action or Sci-Fi [...]

Transformers 2 reviews

I never saw the first Transformers movie, and I never had any plans to see the second one, but I’ve come across three separate reviews for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that have left me somewhat breathless. I can’t think of another movie that was so thoroughly reviled as completely worthless: Michael Bay Finally Made [...]