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New York Loves You

I had the chance, possibly for the first time ever, to sit on a corner in downtown New York (specifically Whitehall St and Pearl St), eat my lunch, and just do some people watching. It didn’t take too long for me to realize how much public behavior — even in a stereotypically surly city — [...]

Flickring the news

I don’t get the newspaper, and I don’t watch TV news programs; instead, I get almost all of my news via the Internet and NPR. The problem with this is that I don’t often get a chance to see what places or people in the news look like. For me, Flickr is a great way [...]

Halo Hero Zyos

The day before New Years, I went to MoMA in New York with the inlaws. We had reservations for dinner, but we were a little bit early and were sick of walking, so we stopped at a random (extremely nice, mid-high-range) restaurant and sat down in their quiet bar for a pre-dinner drink. We were [...]

The Gates in the park

Christo’s newest “masterpiece” has started being assembled in Central Park. (The first photo in that article strikes me as Goldsworthy-esque, yet artificial.) Chris, we’re depending on you to get us some better photos. Update 1-5: Oh, I get it. The first picture isn’t the artwork, it’s just piles of metal platforms the over-the-top arches are [...]

Walking Manhattan

Walking every block of Manhattan. Somehow, I’m always captivated by obsessive projects like this. Check out his web page, too.