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Excerpts from my Kindergarten report card

The Cottage School, Boulder, CO. Spring 1986 “He sometimes has problems controlling his energy, yet is able to listen and follow directions well.” “Logan enjoys reading our Public Library books.” “Logan gets excited about doing art projects but seems to steer away from this area during free choice.” “He often tires about 11:30, feels puny [...]

2011 in books

It is now March, and I have somehow never posted my reading log for 2011. Last year was a light one for my reading, and I’m not entirely sure why. The books below represent a thousand pages less than in 2010 (4794, or an average of ~13 pages a day). Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art [...]

A Decade In Review

Tomorrow, it will be 2010. Ten years ago Now I was a sophomore at RPI, considering a double-major in Computer Science and Management. I am a developer/manager for a small company. I lived in a tiny dorm room in the crummiest suburb (Troy) of one of the crummiest capital cities in the country (Albany). I [...]

An anecdote from my childhood

My parents made a censored version of Raiders of the Lost Ark for me when I was young. Indiana Jones escapes from the tomb, blows up the plane, steals the ark back from the Nazis in the desert, gets on the ship with Marion, THE END. I was probably in my teens before I saw [...]

The earliest news events I remember

The first five news events I actually remember (and my corresponding ages) were: 1986-01-28: Challenger explosion (6 years, 1 month) 1986-02-09: Halley’s Comet passes Earth (6 years, 2 months) 1986-10-27: Mets win the World Series (6 years, 10 months) 1987-10-19: Stock market crash on Black Monday (7 years, 10 months) 1988-11-08: Bush defeats Dukakis (8 [...]