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JavaScript Flickr carousel

My wife and I made something a couple of weeks ago, and her name is Simone. Our families and some friends want to see lots of pictures, but most people don’t want us to flood their Facebook feeds with baby photos (nor do we want to). So we’ve been uploading them to Flickr mostly, but [...]

I’m an image meme

Three winters ago, I took this picture while I was working from home, waiting for the icy roads to warm up. Since then, it’s become a fairly common photo to accompany blog posts about working from home. (Thanks, in part, to my very friendly Attribution-only Creative Commons licensing.) Here are a couple examples. But now [...]

Fresh Plutor

Wait, what? That’s an outrage. I hope it was a sale. Update: Ah, jeez. It was a photoshop. I’ve been hoodwinked.

Pinhole lessons

My pinhole photos came on Saturday. Several of them came out pretty well, and I was surprised that my camera had virtually zero light leaks. M’s mom is scanning them at work and emailing them to me today, hopefully they’ll be up later. (They’re up, as of 12:30.) I’m planning a second 110 pinhole camera, [...]

Pinhole camera links

A round-up of the pinhole camera links that I used (and others that I just found interesting) while building mine: Pinhole Calculator, possibly invaluable for an experienced pinholer, but also a good reference for a newbie. Pinhole Spy, the source of the original directions for the 110 camera. I modified the shutter and had to [...]