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Astronomy Biathalon

OLYMPIC SPORT PROPOSAL SUBMITTED TO IOC 2008-08-27 SPORT NAME: Astronomy Biathlon SUMMARY: Each competitor must run from the starting line, following a predefined route of approximately 1600 meters carrying a telescope of their choice. The route will end at a Sighting Area. The competitor must set up the telescope in the Sighting Area and accurately [...]

Low-carb diets

Low-carbohydrate diets predate Robert Atkins’ eponymous phenomenon by more than one hundred years. The theory behind the diets goes like this: Food contains starches, which your body very quickly converts to glucose. When glucose levels spike right after a meal, in order to prevent blood sugar levels from getting too high, you convert them into [...]

Toxic waste garden

Memorial Day weekend is a somewhat-traditional planting weekend in the Northeast. This spring, even USDA hardiness zone 6a[1] has been experiencing some quite balmy temperature, so we’ve actually had our sprouts outside for almost all of May. But this weekend, we couldn’t buck tradition, and we went ahead and planted the majority of them, and [...]

Classic science post: Penta water

The following is a classic science post I wrote for the coolass metablog in May 2004. Sometime last week, Penta Water was introduced to our group. Not having any on hand, and only having vague second-hand assertions of “five-molecule water”, the usual response was “What, it’s just a very small quantity of water?” Based on [...]

Medical jargon II

More medical jargon you didn’t realize you needed to know: emesis – vomiting pandiculation – yawning and stretching singultus – hiccups rhinorrhea – runny nose borborygmus – stomach growling eructation – burping sternutation – sneezing epistaxis – nosebleed horripilation – goosebumps (Previously)