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Nexus One in 2017

I’ve been using my old Nexus One (running Android 2.3) for the past week, while a replacement Nexus 5X has been in transit. Observations: I forgot how bad the screen was. Basically invisible in bright sunlight, even at full brightness and shaded. How do I communicate? Talk is dying, Allo and Hangouts aren’t supported. Using [...]

Upgrading a 8-year-old TV

In 2008, when my parents sold the house I grew up in and started cruising the world in an RV, they gave me their flatscreen television for safe keeping. The expectation was that they’d do the On The Road thing for a couple of years and then take it back when they settled down. They’re [...]

Apple’s Font Rendering and high DPI displays

The release of a beta of Apple’s Safari for Windows earlier this week has resulted in an interesting flurry of activity in web designer circles. Nevermind the instant security bugs and the quick release of fixes from Apple. I’m talking about typography. The day that the beta came out, Jeff Atwood asked “What’s wrong with [...]

I Don’t Get It

Would I be embarrassing myself if I admitted I didn’t get the notorious xkcd make me a sandwich comic? (Now being made into a t-shirt, due to its popularity.) As I read it, there are a number of possible explanations for the punchline, but the ambiguity is (I think) what’s contributing to my lack-of-getting-it. The [...]

Where will the Wiis be?

For those following the same strategy as me this fall — “If I can’t walk into a store and find a Wii, I wasn’t meant to have one.” — there’s some good news. Target’s allocation information was leaked to the Internet the other day, and since then, several Google Maps mashups have sprung up. For [...]