Jerry Orbach dies

December 29, 2004 11:23 am Published by

Long-time Law and Order star, Jerry Orbach, has died from prostate cancer at 69. I love that show, and the character was just so dang witty and sarcastic. He’ll be missed.

/me pours a beer on the curb

Peyton Manning’s statistics

December 28, 2004 1:33 pm Published by

You know I love statistics/numbers/trivia. Last night in the gym, the UConn football game was on, and it’s got me in the mood for Superbowl XXXIX. Clicking around, reading about some football stuff, led me to a fantastic list of Peyton Manning’s amazing season. He broke the record for most touchdown passes in a season; but read the article. He’s broken all kinds of records in stupendous fashion, and has been an amazing Quarterback his whole career.

So far this year, Manning has more touchdown passes than the Giants, Ravens, Bears, and Cardinals combined (44). He has more TD passes in 15 games this season than the Giants have in their last 50 games (48). If you split Manning up into two quarterbacks, he would rank third and fourth in touchdown passes among AFC quarterbacks with 25 and 24.

2004 MN4

December 27, 2004 1:49 pm Published by

The Torino Impact Hazard Scale was created in 1995 to categorize near-Earth object impact hazards. Until last week, no object had been scored higher than a 1 (out of 10). The asteroid 2004 MN4 has been given a 4. NASA is reporting that there is a 1 in 37 (2.7 percent) chance that the 390-meter rock will hit the Earth on Friday 13 April 2029. More at Wikipedia.


December 27, 2004 7:13 am Published by

Dear spammers: I had been perfectly satisfied with allowing you to plop your online gambling and pharmeceutical links in my blog from time to time. Every couple of weeks, I’d take a look at the comments interface in Moveable Type and delete anything that didn’t look like a legit comment. Then you had to go and ruin that by posting 300 spams Christmas Eve.

Now I’ve installed MT Blacklist. It’s got about 2500 spam filters defined, and when I see one sneak through, it reports it to a central server and everyone else who uses MTB gets to know that you’re blog spamming.

I hope you got a lot of click-throughs for those comments, because you won’t be getting many more.