Starfleet employee database design

July 24, 2006 3:36 pm Published by 3 Comments

How would you design a database of the names of Starfleet employees? At the very least, you’d have to handle standard European Human-style names (given name, family name); Bajoran-style names (family name, given name); and Klingon-style names (given name, son/daughter-of father’s name. And you’d probably need to have House name in there, too). I’m certain there are others that I’m leaving out and that we’re unaware of. How would you do this?

Corollary: How would you alphabetize a list of Starfleet employees names? Would Ro Laren come before or after Jean-Luc Picard?

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  • nomad says:

    You’d proabably need at least UTF-128

  • GeoffDaddy says:

    With a multi-kiloquad per second, FTL computer core, I’m sure it would not be a big problem.

  • Rob says:

    It wouldn’t work. Either the warp core would overload, or Jordie’s visor would somehow react to it and cause some kind of new, unexplained phenomenon.

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