Bread puns

May 11, 2012 7:55 am Published by 3 Comments

Submitted for your approval, a thread from the non-work mailing list at Wayfair, replete with bread puns:

  • This thread is now about bread. How about a NAANwork thread.
  • It was already PAIN-ful.
  • I hope they don’t banh mi for this.
  • This thread is fal-awful
  • Alright, I think you guys have taken this farl enough.
  • You’re probably rye.
  • We’re on a roll!
  • Injera glad I didn’t say bread!?
  • I’m at my wheat’s end!
  • You guys got muffin left?
  • Maybe everyone injera-ed themselves trying to come up with more puns. (..later..) Oh, man, someone already did injera. Boy do I feel like a sconehead.
  • At yeast its finally over
  • A toast to the end of this thread
  • Best WRAP this one up
  • I agree. It’s time to leave it a-scone and get back to work.
  • You all knead to wrap this up, quit loaf’n and get back to work
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