About Plutor.org

Plutor.org is the third place that I have considered my electronic home.

Sometime in 1992, my friend Chris Powers and I started a BBS called RAMpage running Maximus. Within a year, it had converted to Remote Access. In 1995, it was renamed Necropolis, using Renegade. In December of 1995, it became We Spell Vacuum With One U (WSVW1U). I installed Linux for the first time (Slackware 3.0). On 5 April 1997, the first official National Vacuum Awareness Day (NVAD) was held in Danbury, CT. The BBS died sometime in late 1997, when I mistakenly modified and formatted the wrong partition.

By 1998, WSVW1U had gone online. I wrote what would now be called a community weblog from scratch and ran it at wsvw1u.com. There were well over 100 users, a number of whom were regulars at NVAD events and on the IRC channel. The last NVAD was held in 2001, and the domain name expired at the end of 2002.

Ever since then, I have maintained Plutor.org in a variety of formats and with a slowly changing set of software. As of 26 April 2012, this website is powered by WordPress 3.3.2 and a custom theme based on Simplr.