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Massachusetts Politician Watch

November 6, 2008 3:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Massachusetts has two Senators who have been on the job for decades, and a newcomer Governor. It’s possible that all three won’t be on the job in 2010:

  • Governor Deval Patrick, former Assistant Attorney General under Bill Clinton, has said he won’t accept any position in DC, but that hasn’t kept his name from showing up on rumored short lists for AG or even a future spot on the Supreme Court
  • Junior Senator (and former Democratic Presidential candidate) John Kerry has been mentioned continuously as Secretary of State. He’s been a lot more circumspect about whether or not he’d accept.
  • Senior Senator Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer in May, and although he is still working and appears strong, his prognosis is grim: median survival is about 15 months.

So what happens if Patrick and Kerry go to Washington, and Kennedy is forced to retire? Patrick has a Lieutenant Governor (Tim Murray) who becomes acting Governor in his place. Kerry and Kennedy don’t have that cushion, they must be replaced by special elections. Coincidentally, Massachusetts changed that law just in 2004. The rule before then was that Kerry would have been replaced Republican then-Governor Mitt Romney if he had won the Presidential election.

Whoever replaced Kerry or Kennedy would be the first new Senator from Massachusetts in more than 24 years.

Academy Award Nominations

January 23, 2007 11:27 am Published by 5 Comments

In 2006, I hardly did any better than the year before. I’ve hardly seen any of the Oscar-nominated movies.

Category # seen
Best Picture 1
Best Actor 0
Best Actress 0
Best Director 0
Best Screenplay 1
Best Adapted Screenplay 0

The Departed, The Queen, and Children of Men are all still very high on my “to-see” list. Those three alone would push my combined total up to 9. The AP contrasts this year’s Best Picture nominee field with last years — they claim that there’s no immediate widely-accepted favorite. (Of course, last year’s favorite didn’t win..)

Update 26 Feb: For the first time since 2003, I saw the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture (The Departed) in a first-run theater before the night of the awards. That was the only additional top-award nominee I saw, but it brought my total up to six. The only other award winner I’ve seen is An Inconvenient Truth, which I coincidentally saw just this weekend.

Academy Awards 2005

January 31, 2006 10:01 am Published by

I apparently haven’t seen enough movies this year. Of the top categories of 2006 Academy Awards nominees, I’ve seen:

Category # seen
Best Picture 0
Best Actor 0
Best Actress 0
Best Director 0
Best Screenplay 0
Best Adapted Screenplay 1

I’ve got five weeks. I wonder how much I can improve those numbers.

Update, 6 Mar – I saw only a single additional top-Oscar-nominated movie in the five weeks since this post was made: Match Point, nominated for Best Screenplay. Out of the Oscar winners for all of the categories, I saw only two: The Constant Gardener (Rachel Weisz won Best Supporting Actress) and Wallace and Gromit (Best Animated Film)