I have written and released a number of personal projects over the years. Unless otherwise specified, it is all available under the MIT License.

Remembeer is an Android app that allows you to track the beers that you drink. Source code available through Redmine
I’ve written several Greasemonkey scripts for MetaFilter and Flickr. Source code at
Velociraptor Roulette was a silly project written as a Python and Flickr API experiment. Get the source
I use the Feedwordpress plugin for incorporating Delicious, Twitter, and Flickr posts into I wrote feedwordpress-collapse so that uploading a dozen photos at once wouldn’t fill up the entire home page. Get the source
HTML Bingo was written for bingo cards for a 24 season premiere. I genericized and released it after a number of requests. Get the source
Three words, five minutes is a writer’s block treatment I was introduced to in high school. Get the source
WEBoggle was my first foray in asynchronous HTTP requests with JavaScript. It predated the term “AJAX” as well as any decent DHTML libraries, so everything was done 100% by hand. Because this was a learning project, almost all of the logic is (non-ideally) client-side. Get the source