MetaFilter Deleted Posts

Shows deleted posts on MetaFilter. This script is known to work in Firefox/Greasemonkey and Google Chrome. Install the script.

12 Jan 2013
Updated to handle titles properly.
8 May 2011
Started using store.js for cross-platform data storage. If this works, I’ll try to roll it into some of my other scripts, too.
17 Apr 2011
Fixed for some new classes. Thanks to Melismata, puke and cry, and especially cj_ for the actual XPath changes I needed to make.
16 Dec 2010
Fix AskMe (footer changed to “answers”). Thanks to theichibun and IndigoRain for the heads up.
19 Feb 2009
Improved Chrome support. Emulator helper script no longer necessary.
18 Feb 2009
9 Oct 2008
Mefi deleted posts now shows deleted posts inline through the magic of jQuery and AJAX and judicious local caching.

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