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S&I Text Adventure

September 30, 2001 11:55 pm Published by

The one and only release of my Science and Industry inspired web-based text adventure. Note that there are lots of features missing. It should be considered an alpha-quality product.

I changed the site design

September 30, 2001 12:00 am Published by

I changed the site design since my last “update”. Added (and now removed, because of crappy drivers) my webcam. Added my S&I text adventure to the projects page. More to come, when I’m not bogged down by schoolwork.

I got a little sick

August 20, 2001 12:00 am Published by

I got a little sick of having all my content on, since that was more of a community site. I wanted somewhere to put personal information (writings, pictures, resume, etc.) so I got this domain.

S&I Statistics

July 5, 2001 8:10 am Published by

This is really how I broke into the S&I community. I wrote a statistics script to parse through my server’s logs, and all of a sudden I was everyone’s friend.