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Records that The Force Awakens has set

December 22, 2015 7:41 pm Published by 1 Comment

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a pretty big opening weekend. It broke the records for domestic opening weekend ($247.9M, over Jurassic World‘s 208.8M) and worldwide ($529M, also breaking Jurassic World‘s 524.9M). But that’s not all.

  • Largest Thursday “preview” day
  • Largest Friday, largest opening day, largest single day
  • (Not the largest Saturday, it was 3rd, behind the first Avengers movie and Jurassic World
  • Largest Sunday
  • Largest Monday (in this case breaking Spiderman 2‘s 11-year-old record)
  • Highest per-theater average (this record is probably the craziest — it broke Jurassic World‘s previous record by 22%)
  • Fastest movie to $100M (in fact, the very first movie to break 100M in one day, so this record will never be broken, only tied) and the fastest to $250M
  • Largest domestic and global IMAX weekends
  • Biggest December opening weekend (by a factor of 3! $248M, compared to the previous record was the first Hobbit at 85M)

There are more, too, but they’re all implied by the above ones (largest PG-13 opening weekend! Largest holiday weekend!).

And for the record, my review:

2010 Oscars scoresheet

January 25, 2011 2:32 pm Published by 1 Comment

It’s Academy Award nomination season again — the time of year I reveal how few new movies I watch. Let’s just hope I have improved on last year’s dismal record.

Category # seen
Best Picture 1
Best Actor 0
Best Actress 0
Best Director 0
Best Screenplay 1
Best Adapted Screenplay 0

Thank goodness for Inception. If it weren’t for that, I’d have been shutout two years in a row. I want to see Toy Story 3, Black Swan, 127 Hours, The Fighter, and True Grit, which would bring my grand total up to a monstrous (for me) 17. But only the first of those is out on DVD (it’s at the top of my queue). Maybe it’s time to go to the theater. Or search for leaked screeners.

2009 Oscars Scoresheet

February 3, 2010 11:13 am Published by 4 Comments

The Academy doubled the number of slots for Best Picture nominees (to ten!) but it hasn’t really helped my Oscar scoresheet. Just like past years, I’ll go over the nominees and admit exactly how many movies I haven’t seen this year.

Category # seen
Best Picture 0
Best Actor 0
Best Actress 0
Best Director 0
Best Screenplay 0
Best Adapted Screenplay 0

Goose eggs, across the board. In fact, the only nominated movies I saw this year were Coraline (Best Animated Feature Film), Sherlock Holmes (Art Direction and Score), and Star Trek (four nominations, all FX-related). But like usual, there are a whole bunch of movies that are high on my list: Up, Inglorious Basterds, District 9, and The Blind Side (Best Picture? Wow. I loved the book, so I need to see it.)

If I see all of those before March 7, I’ll finish with 8 points, which would tie with my final score last year.

Update: I did manage to see all of the above-listed movies. Expanding Best Picture from 5 to 10 let some great-but-not-fantastic movies in. District 9? Blind Side? Who really thinks those might deserve Best Picture?

Guy movie month

September 21, 2009 9:10 am Published by 10 Comments

My wife is going to be halfway across the world for essentially all of the month of October. I have a couple of projects that are going to occupy much of my time, but I’m also planning on catching up on a backlog of action movies. I’m looking for suggestions of good action or Sci-Fi movies from the past five years or so. Here’s a list of the ones I came up with off the top of my head that meet the criteria of “oh yeah, she doesn’t want to see that”.

Transformers 2 reviews

July 4, 2009 9:16 am Published by Leave your thoughts

I never saw the first Transformers movie, and I never had any plans to see the second one, but I’ve come across three separate reviews for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that have left me somewhat breathless. I can’t think of another movie that was so thoroughly reviled as completely worthless:

  1. Michael Bay Finally Made An Art Movie: “…the movie’s id overload reaches such crazy levels that the fabric of reality itself starts to break down. … After a few hours of this assault, you feel the chair melt and the floor of the movie theater becomes an angry mirror into your soul. Nothing is solid, nothing is real, everything Transforms.”
  2. Roger Ebert’s review: “The plot is incomprehensible. The dialog of the Autobots®, Decepticons® and Otherbots® is meaningless word flap. Their accents are Brooklyese, British and hip-hop, as befits a race from the distant stars. Their appearance looks like junkyard throw-up. They are dumb as a rock. They share the film with human characters who are much more interesting, and that is very faint praise indeed.”
  3. Trans-Coon-ers: “Skids and Mudflap seem to be everywhere, bantering, fighting each other… sheesh. The only thing they don’t do is shoot craps and eat chicken with watermelon. At one moment, even, LaBeouf’s character asks the two if they can read a robotic script that will reveal crucial information. ‘Uh, we don’t do too much readin,’ one drawls.”

Now the only question is: Does this clinch my plans to never see this movie? Or do I need to rent something this hideous, just to be able to say I looked at the face of cinematic death and didn’t blink?