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I’ve been spending a lot

March 4, 2002 12:00 am Published by

I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately studying for the CCNA. In fact, almost all the time that I’m not in classes, I’ve been reading or testing myself, or rereading, or going through lame Exam Cram flash cards. I dream about RIP holddown timers and split horizon. I eat fragment-free switched sandwiches. I drive an IETF encapsulated car. It’s taking over my life.

And really, how useful is all of this? It seems like they took the basics of every single networking concept and crammed them into the CCNA. I won’t be able to really construct anything expertly, but I can administer everything adequately. Frame Relay? ISDN? I say WAN connectivity should be on a separate test altogether.

My school schedule is strange;

January 21, 2002 12:00 am Published by

My school schedule is strange; my classes are concentrated into eight hours Monday, six hours Thursday, and two hours Wednesday evening. Martin Luther King Day gave me a six-day weekend, and then there’ll be another weekend right on its heels. Matt came to visit for days 1-3, and we had a Matthias’-home-brew inspired party, for which we purchased way too much beer. Days 3-5 are (and will be) spent in snowy Rochester, in the company of my beautiful bride-to-be.

Right now (day 4, 8:45 AM), I’m alone in a computer lab, working on a powder-blue G3 tower. M is at class, and I don’t know her password to the PC’s. This keyboard is too small and the hockey-puck mouse really IS annoying. Not just Macophobe FUD.

[Note: Yes, I am making an effort to post meaningless news more often.]