Idea: OEIS blog

Someone should make a blog based on the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. Each week (or twice a week, or daily, or something), there’d be a post which would discuss a single sequence. It’d give some glance at the theory and some history behind the concepts, be they Turing machines, prime numbers, set theory, or bi-directional graphs.

I’m adding this to my “to do when I retire” list.

Sudden update

Those of you who subscribe to my RSS feed will notice that this morning’s link had some link spam in it. It appears that my previous policy of never updating WordPress or any of its plugins finally led to a security breach. I dropped all work that I get paid to do, and I’ve now upgraded to WordPress 2.5. Unfortunately, this is a very new release, and it has broken the fancy and Flickr integration I worked so hard to setup. Hopefully, a FeedWordPress update will be out soon, and you can once again enjoy my nonsense at full-bore.

Update, 6pm: Well, it appears I was misinformed. FeedWordPress works just great. Thanks to Graham Leuschke for bringing the spammery to my attention.