Uncle Steve, Lawnmower Racer

My Uncle Steve will be racing his lawnmower at the Terryville County Fair north of Waterbury this Saturday at 6pm. Tickets to the fair are $7, and unfortunately no pets are allowed.

It’s kinda silly, but I’ll be there.

Pi approximation day

Today is π (pi) approximation day. In a large portion of the world, the date is represented as dd/mm, or 22/7. Although 22/7 exceeds π, it’s actually closer to the true value than that of π Day is.

3.14159265358 - 3.14 = .00159265358
3.14159265358 - (22/7) = -.001264489277

E3 is over

E3 is over. We yelled ourselves silly for three days and played about a krillion games. Some of the most interesting things were the Game Boy Micro (so small, but so comfortable), Shadow of the Colossus, and just about everything about the Xbox 360. There’s a lot more, but I’m a bit exhausted and all of the muscles in my body (especially my throat muscles) are a bit tired.

This was totally awesome. I can’t wait until next year.

E3 Day Zero

Day 0 of E3 is over. We survived some serious turbulence on the flight over the Rockies, and met boo_radley from Metafilter and his friend Dan. Plus, we met two people on the plane who are going to E3 (one of whom was the VP of Sales for Turtle Beach).

One of the rooms at the Westin is the perfect gaming room, because it’s right between two executive conference suites. We saw big groups going in and out of them a few times yesterday, but at night the doors were propped open and there was no one around.

Yesterday at the invitation-only presentations, Sony introduced their Playstation 3, Nintendo showed off the Revolution and surprised everyone with the Game Boy Micro (that thing is tiny), and several interesting games were demoed. I’m looking forward to the conference. T minus four hours!