M's Fellowship

Remember four years ago, when M had to make a huge list of hospitals where she wanted to do her residency? And then she had to interview at a bunch of them? And then throw her name on a pile that got fed into a giant algorithm?

Well, we’re she’s doing it again. There are 9 hospitals on the list for a rheumatology fellowship, and the list of possible cities looks a lot like the last time around. We’ll know where she’ll be interviewing by sometime in January, interviews themselves will be in February, and then match day is June 17.

Water main mess

Last night around 9, our water cut out. I spoke to a couple neighbors and they had no water, either. There was nothing about it on TV, and the Boston Water hotline was completely busy. We went to bed, and when we got up this morning, it was working again. We thought it was nothing big. We were wrong.

M says that Mass Ave near BMC was still closed when she got in this morning, and their ER was evacuated and closed overnight. And I think she said it still is. Bad for patients, but good for her: it means she probably won’t have to admit any patients today.


My wife graduated from medical school on Sunday. For the past four years, I’ve been continually humbled by her hard work, dedication, and her ridiculously vast memory. I suppose that will continue for at least the next three, and more likely for the rest of our lives. Here’s photographic evidence. My own pictures are still pending.

Update 1 June: Just a few photos came out.

M's going to...

M will be doing her Residency at Boston Medical Center in Boston, MA.

Rank Order List finished

Well, it’s done. Last night, at 8:30pm, M’s ranked list of residencies was locked. It’s all in the hands of the algorithm, now. I’ve been asked not to publish her entire list, but last time I mentioned this, I fairly accurately represented the top of the list. She got personalized “thanks for applying here” letters from at least a couple of the programs that she says generally indicates that she’s ranked highly, which is good.

Only three weeks until Match Day!

Interviews Done

M’s last medical residency interview was Friday. Her rank order list isn’t due until February 22, but she’s already separated the group into “desirables” and “less desirables”. Above the fold are Brown in Providence, BU and Mt. Auburn in the Boston area, and George Washington in DC.

Stay tuned for more developments as they happen!

M's Interviews

Although there’s a chance that she may get a couple more in the next week or two, it’s very likely that M’s received all the requests for interviews that she can expect. The following are the interviews she’s scheduled, in chronological order:

Solely based on percentages and how much we know about the cities, the Boston area looks pretty likely. All of the interviews are between Thanksgiving and January 13. She has to have her list sorted by February 22. Match Day is March 16. Exciting!

M's Draft Application List

The following is M’s current draft list for where she’s applying for residencies. In most cases, I don’t know the actual hospitals or programs, so this is just a list of the cities. Farmington, CT; New Haven, CT; Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; and Portland, OR. Possibly also on the list are San Francisco, CA and Rochester, NY.

Update: Oh yeah, I forgot Baltimore, MD.

Update, 9 Oct: We She applied today. Rochester, NY was on the final list, but not San Francisco or Baltimore.