The college dilemma: If there's

The college dilemma: If there’s a class that’s required for your degree, but you actually get stupider by going, do you go?

Back at school. Weird schedule.

Back at school. Weird schedule. Planning some fiction. Reading a lot. Studying for CCNA. Working for bioinformatics “department”. Still have lots of free time. Weird how that works out, eh?

Thematic rant: The idea of

Thematic rant: The idea of using tests to evaluate an individual’s education seems inherently flawed. How often will an employer ask you to sit in a crowded room with 50 of your peers and sit and silently take a written exam in order to solve some business or technical or ethical problem? Is test taking even marginally related to the real world? Teachers should spend less time giving tests designed to stroke both their own egos and those of the administration, and more time assigning projects which require creative thinking and demonstrate the application of in-class concepts to real-world problems. As long as the evaluation process is flawed, no college graduate will be truly prepared for the real world.