My school schedule is strange; my classes are concentrated into eight hours Monday, six hours Thursday, and two hours Wednesday evening. Martin Luther King Day gave me a six-day weekend, and then there’ll be another weekend right on its heels. Matt came to visit for days 1-3, and we had a Matthias'-home-brew inspired party, for which we purchased way too much beer. Days 3-5 are (and will be) spent in snowy Rochester, in the company of my beautiful bride-to-be.

Right now (day 4, 8:45 AM), I’m alone in a computer lab, working on a powder-blue G3 tower. M is at class, and I don’t know her password to the PC’s. This keyboard is too small and the hockey-puck mouse really IS annoying. Not just Macophobe FUD.

[Note: Yes, I am making an effort to post meaningless news more often.]