Science and Industry is a teamplay based modification for the game Half-Life. I was an active part of the community for a couple years, running a server, working on some applications, helping with testing alpha versions, etc. Eventually, I became a full-fledged member of the development team, helping PapasNewBag out with the coding for the mod. Many of the visual enhancements included in version 1.0 were my contributions.

Working on S&I was a fantastic experience that I will treasure forever. </corny> Honestly, the entire team is friendly and brilliant, and their hard work is evident in the quality of the maps, models, and replayability of Science and Industry.

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes screenshots I took and sent to the other dev team members, showing what I was working on and what problems I was having. These images were all taken between January and April 2002. Also included is my history of S&I — A Mod’s Life — written February 2002.