THX-1138 references in pop culture:

  1. American Graffiti - A car has the license plate "THX-138"
  2. Maniac Mansion (NES video game) - Weird Edsel's license plate is "THX 1138"
  3. Ocean's Eleven - The keycode Matt Damon uses to get into the elevator to go down to the vault is "1138".
  4. Sneakers - The code used in the opening vignette is "1138".
  5. Star Wars - Han and Luke pretend to transfer Chewie from cellblock 1138. In the novelization, the stormtrooper TK-421 -- who has been knocked unconscious by Han and Luke -- has the identifier THX-1138.
  6. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - One of the droids that Jar-Jar kills near the end of the battle has the number "1138" on its back.
  7. Swingers - A license plate is "THX1138".
  8. "We Are 138" by The Misfits was inspired by the movie.