You may or may not be aware that my wife, M, is a medical student. You might also be unaware of the fact that the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate is a former trial lawyer. I am certain that you know that Doctors and Trial Lawyers are mortal enemies. I can respect how difficult it must be for her to decide whether to cast her vote for Kerry/Edwards or not.

In the interest in helping her to make an educated decision, based on his trial record, here is a list of major medical malpractice suits that he tried, mainly found on FindLaw. Copyright infringement, ahoy!

  • Griffin v. Teague, et al. - Application of abdominal pressure and delay in performing c-section caused brain damage to infant and resulted in child having cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia. Verdict set record for malpractice award. - $23.25M verdict
  • Campbell v. Pitt County Memorial Hosp. - Infant born with cerebral palsy after breech birth via vaginal delivery, rather than cesarean. Established North Carolina precedent of physician and hospital liability for failing to determine if patient understood risks of particular procedure. - $5.75M settlement
  • Wiggs v. Glover, et al. - Plaintiff alleged infant's severe cerebral palsy was caused by negligent administration of pitocin, failure to use fetal monitor, or timely intervening in baby's fetal distress. - $2.5M settlement
  • Cooper v. Craven Regional Med. Ctr., et al. - Infant suffered severe brain damage after obstetrician failed to moderate use of Picotin after baby displayed clear fetal distress. - $2.5M settlement
  • Dixon v. Pitt County Memorial Hospital - Birth-related injuries including cerebral palsy and mental retardation allegedly caused by obstetrician's failure to diagnose fetal distress, including umbilical cord wrapped around baby's neck prior to delivery. - $2.4M settlement
  • Sawyer v. St. Joseph's Hospital - Doctor prescribed drug overdose of anti-alcoholism drug Antabuse, resulting in permanent brain and nerve damage. - $3.7M verdict
  • Estate of Fuller v. Mazzaglia - 38-year-old female committed suicide after psychiatrist discontinued suicide watch. - $2.3M verdict
  • Allen v. Bostic - Doctor's delay and failure to properrly treat 45-year-old's severely lacerated foot ultimately required amputation of foot three years later. - $600K settlement