Hooray, Connecticut! It’s a great day for equality, because the CT legislature has passed a bill allowing gay civil unions! Granted, it needed to have a provision attached saying “those people definitely don’t get to marry”, but this is a massive step in the right direction. The state has become the first state to allow civil unions that didn’t have to be forced into it by the courts.

Update 21 Apr: The Senate approved the bill, and Republican Governor Jodi Rell signed it yesterday. Simply amazing. I can almost (almost) forgive her give-him-the-chair tirade. Also, this story illustrates perfectly the difference between blue states and red states. As glassdog says:

The Texas Republican Party has decided that it's better to take a kid away from Steve and Chip, who love them and take them to school every morning, and were saving up to go to Disneyland this Summer, and put them in a state-run orphanage.