The webcomic Goats is probably the second one I ever read on a regular basis (the first being the obvious and now-unreadable User Friendly). At some point, I lost my interest in Goats and it fell off my list. This was probably back when I used bookmarks instead of an RSS reader to read news and comics, and it was cumbersome to check more than a half-dozen a day. I re-found Goats recently, and started reading it from the present. I was intimidated by the huge archive, and was a little lost in the current story, but I remembered — vaguely — who most of the core cast was.

It wasn’t until Jon Rosenberg discussed the current story and alluded to a series reboot three years ago that I was able to start from a point in the middle and get all the back stories. Now that I’m caught up, this comic strip is suddenly one of my favorites. It’s definitely plot-driven, like Sluggy Freelance, but less epic (so it’s easier to follow day-by-day) and far more surreal.

Give it a try.