For the last year or so, I’ve been using Planet to aggregate my links (white background), Flickr photos (blue), blog posts (yellow), and recently music history (tiny text with eighth notes). I knew from day one that there were a few shortcomings, but I was able to code around most of them, like collapsing multiple consecutive items from the same source into one (like how photos show up with “and 3 more”). And I needed to write twice, in two totally different templating languages. But in the last few weeks, several minor annoyances have become bigger. I never liked having my archives across several different sites. And some feeds are too short (Flickr, occasionally, but definitely Since planet was totally stateless, and just grabbed the RSS on every execution, once something fell off the source feed, it’d be gone. Even if it didn’t yet need to fall off

Starting today, I’m using FeedWordPress to import these external feeds directly into Wordpress. No more Planet necessary. There’s a totally separate list of things I need to code around, and some of them are less trivial than they used to be. But I’m hoping that getting that data pulled into Wordpress will allow me to make even more complete than it already is. Twitter? Netflix? What else can I integrate?