I just finished my Fantasy Baseball league draft. Every time it was my turn to pick, I picked the highest remaining guy from my scientific list. (Except I didn’t pick anyone for my bench until I had a full roster.) Here’s my resulting team:

Name Position WOA
Joe Mauer C 14.69
Pablo Sandoval 1B,3B 3.47
Aaron Hill 2B 2.38
Mark Reynolds 3B 6.02
Jason Bartlett SS 1.63
Jayson Werth OF 11.03
Bobby Abreu OF 7.14
Torii Hunter OF 6.55
Rajai Davis OF 5.26
Denard Span OF 5.21
Roy Halladay SP 21.03
Felix Hernandez SP 20.46
Chris Carpenter SP 11.96
Matt Cain SP 9.95
Mat Latos SP 8.6
Ted Lilly SP 6.39
Rafael Soriano RP 5.41
Brian Fuentes RP 0.06
Adam Jones Bench (OF) 3.59
Johnny Damon Bench (OF) 2.54
Raul Ibanez Bench (OF) 2.43
Miguel Olivo Bench (C) 2.34
Marlon Byrd Bench (OF) 2.32

My co-workers think I’ll be crawling to them for offense in a few weeks, but I think they’ll be crawling to me for pitching.