Like last year, I played a bit of video games in 2022, almost all on PC. Early in the year, I dropped Stadia and switched to PC Game Pass. I loved Stadia’s technology, but the game selection on Game Pass is shockingly good. And everyone knew it was just a matter of time until Stadia was killed.

I again spent most of my gaming playing co-op with my brother. My favorite game of the year was absolutely We Were Here Forever – the fourth in that series. They stepped up the visuals and the story and the puzzles this time around, I was very very impressed with it. Other good games we played this year: BBQ Simulator, Biped, Unrailed, You Suck At Parking, Deep Rock Galactic, and Grounded. We also continue to get tons of playtime from Escape Simulator, thanks to two great DLC releases and a very active map building community.

When I was playing alone, I was typically churning through Vampire Survivors, but occasionally also the Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC and Trackmania 2020. I also got my Playdate just a week ago, and I’m excited to play through those Season 1 games in the coming months.