Here is calendar prototype 2

(This is what prototype 1 looked like.)

I’ve been living with this new, larger calendar for a couple weeks now. It’s got 5 weeks instead of 4, and the days are 50% larger. I even used to get a long printed spool that’ll last until October. But it’s not perfect yet, here’s a few notes:

  1. The font is too small to be read from a comfortable distance (the PDF linked above corrects this)
  2. The top bezel is too small
  3. The spool is a little too close to the bottom edge, it’s a struggle to advance the calendar (although this will less of a problem after a few weeks).
  4. Poster Ninja was the best site I could find that would print something big on normal paper (not just card stock), but the max height wasn’t enough to print a full year. The PDF above is corrected to two pages: Jan-July and July-Jan.