Where will the Wiis be?

November 6, 2006 8:55 am Published by 6 Comments

For those following the same strategy as me this fall — “If I can’t walk into a store and find a Wii, I wasn’t meant to have one.” — there’s some good news. Target’s allocation information was leaked to the Internet the other day, and since then, several Google Maps mashups have sprung up. For instance, this Wii Locator.

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  • Bizarro says:

    There’s some information about the tickets that will be given out at Targets to people waiting in line here. There is a lot of good information in the comments from (I assume) Target employees.

  • JustCurious says:

    Bizarro and Plutor – What is so enticing to you about the Wii?

  • GeoffDaddy says:

    If I see one in Costco, should I buy it for you?

  • Plutor says:

    I’m especially interested in the pick-it-up-and-play factor. My Gamecube’s been gathering dust lately, primarily because I almost exclusively own games that require a non-trivial investment of your time (Windwaker, Pikmin, etc). I’m looking forward to Wii plus WarioWare and Monkeyball. The only classic questy game I intend to buy is Mario Galaxy. (Every time I say that, people are surprised I’m not interested in Twilight Princess. Well, I’m not, okay?)

  • Rob says:

    I’m super psyched about Smash Bros. Brawl. I really don’t have much time anymore for longer investment games, though Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess are a must for me.

  • Manish says:

    I think MonkeyBall is the only game you have listeed there that will be available on launch date.. You know since you don’t want Twilight Princess

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